Presentation of ENER SUPPLY on Third Energy Counseling in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Third Energy Counselling in Bosnia and Herzegovina with international participation will be held from 28 to 30 September 2011 in Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The organizer of Counselling is Centre for Economic, Technological and Environmental Development (CETEOR) from Sarajevo.
Goal of the Counselling is the establishment of partnerships between government, utility companies, industry and organizations acting in the energy sector. Counselling participants will have the opportunity to present their research, projects, expirience and products, as well as exchange opinions with colleauges from BiH and the Region.
It's expected that the Council will gather experts and managers of industrial enterprises, municipal energy companies, experts from universities, scientific and professional organizations, consulting companies, representatives of ministries and agencies responsible for energy and environmental protection issues.
Regional Educational and Information Centre for South East Europe (REIC) will present main interim results of ENER SUPPLY project. Among others, REIC will present maps of renewable energy sources of territory from BiH included in the Project (Srednjobosanski Canton).

• Sustainable energy
• International energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in BiH
• Development of electric power system
• Energy utilities and energy management in the local communities
• Energy efficiency in the building sector
• Energy efficiency and renewable energy in the industry sector
• Financing and subsidies for energy efficiency and renewable energy
• Utilization of biomass in BiH
• Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the district heating sector
• Presentation of the activities of NGO`s

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