ENER-SUPPLY at SEE Annual Conference in Sofia

The annual conference of South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme, entitled "A strategic approach towards cooperation in SEE area" was held on 12th of May 2011 in Sheraton Hotel Balkan Sofia. Its aims were to show the added value of the Programme and the achievements up to date, to stimulate the innovative proposals for the upcoming calls, to create an efficient dialogue on the topic of macro regions and other strategic issues in the SEE area, etc. The conference was attended by representatives of the European Commission, officials and experts from SEE countries, international donors active in the region, potential project developers, etc.
Several projects, financed by SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme were presented during the event, between them — the project ENER-SUPPLY. The ENER-SUPPLY representatives acquainted the audience with the project outcomes so far, the future activities and with the successfully implemented communication and interconnection with the local authorities. A tool showing the biomass potential, which was created specially for the project, was presented to the participants. Later on they were given the opportunity to test it with their own primary data. Another topic covered, was the energy efficiency of buildings, which is one of the main ENER-SUPPLY directions.
The presentation is following: presentation.pdf


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