Training on Energy Management

Until now the EMS course (40 hours classroom training and 20 hours e-learning) has been set up in 7 territories (Potenza, Italy; Targoviste and Slobozia, Romania; Zagreb, Croatia; Novi sad, Serbia; Varna and Dobrich, Bulgaria; Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). It was conducted by field professionals from CRES (Greece), FIRE (Italy) and Municipality of Potenza (Italy). Altogether 120 participants attended, including representatives of 60 Local Authorities and professionals in this sector. The courses aimed to build the capacity of the local authorities, in order to enable them to take an active part in the EMS experimentation. This experimentation has already started in these territories and it includes an energy audit of a building, development of an energy balance, and analysis of the supply of energy sources.

Potenza, Italy — training course with 23 participants organized by Potenza Municipality in October 2010.

Targoviste and Slobozia, Romania — training course with 29 participants organized by ENERO in November 2010.

Zagreb, Croatia — training course with 10 participants organized by EIHP in November 2010.

Novi Sad (Serbia) — training course with 7 participants organized by University of Novi Sad in December 2010

Varna, Bulgaria — training course with 22 participants organized by BSREC in January 2011.

Vitez municipality, Bosnia & Herzegovina — training course with 18 participants organized by REIC in January-February 2011.

Skopje — training course with 11 participants organized by EARM in February 2011.


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