Participation at Italian national campaign "M'illumino di meno"

ENER SUPPLY is going to join the National Campaign "M'illumino di meno". During the National Campaign, on 19 February 2012, the Municipality of Potenza will switch off the public lights of the main central square for 1 hour. Please find below the link of the registration, to leave a comment.

The Campaign leaded by the National Radio Network RAI RADIO 2, promotes to save energy through demonstration and save energy actions. Switching off the lights is the first action for this reason "M'illumino di meno" that means "I light me less". Please find below the decalogue of "M'illumino di meno" written by Antonio Disi from the National Italian Agency ENEA-UTEE.

Good habits for the day of M'illumino Main (and even after!)

1. Turn off lights when not needed
2. Off and not leave electronic equipment on standby
3. Frequent defrosting the refrigerator, keep the coil clean and spaced from the wallso that air can circulate
4. Putting lids on pots when boiling water and avoid long as the flame is wider than the bottom of the pot
5. If you turn down the radiators too hot instead of opening windows
6. Reduce the drafty windows of filling material that does not pass through air
7. Use tends to create air spaces in front of windows, doors and windows, external doors
8. Do not leave curtains closed in front of radiators
9. Insert special insulating films and reflective of the exterior walls and radiators
10. Use the car as little as possible and if necessary with those who share the same route.


ENREG 2012