Training on RES in Macedonia

The training for "Renewable sources of energy" for the representatives of the municipalities in Skopje and Ohrid in Republic of Macedonia was divided in two parts.
The first part of the training was held on 06.10.2011. This part of the training was for the “Financial tools for investing in RES”. The training was supported by Mr. Angel Nikolaev from BSREC, Bulgaria.
The second part of the training was held from 18.10.2011 till 21.10.2011 in the premises of Skopje Fair, within the fair Tehnoma. Lectures have included all renewable energy sources, foreseen in the project ENER SUPPLY, including:

• Usage of biomass in municipal framework and implementation of biomass projects in schools and public buildings in municipalities
• General information about wind energy and wind power potential of the Republic of Macedonia
• Usage of geothermal energy in the municipality and
• Construction of small hydroelectric plants.

In addition to teachers from the Republic of Macedonia, this training was supported by the project manager or ENER SUPPLY, Mr. Marko Caponigro and the partner from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also Work Package 3 Leader, Mr. Azrudin Husika .
Besides the regular lectures, the representatives had the opportunity to attend one conferences organized by the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia for "Energy challenges, current status and banking”.
At the end of training, the representatives of municipalities were awarded with Certificates for participation in training for "Energy Management System" and training for "Renewable sources of energy."


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